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GOING STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-05-18 19:25:14 by THEICONICICON

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First off im gonna have to spam this!!!!!!!!!!!!! con con con
Anyways things are going good for me at the moment. with my demo finished and currently in process of obtaining a job for money. things are going great. I know that most of you guys that been keeping track of my music lately have noticed that my latest tracks have no rapid records tags or anything.....I decided to leave for reasons and clashes between mine and the maker of the group's personality
but im proud to announce that HIDDEN SOCIETY is Back and stronger than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with our newly established newgrounds page and myspace and facebook fan page, currently being developed ourstage and reverbnation the Society is very ambitious and ready to make things happen
heres our new grounds page
Anyway peace out for the icon part of this post
Any way we have a couple performances that we wanted to show you

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OUR BLOC PARTY PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOING STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2010-06-14 06:14:49

hidden menace II society


2010-07-18 16:44:41

lmao and them 3 nerds in that picture ain't lame? lmao look @ that n***a with tha alien head.. holla@me when u get swag and start performing in clubs instead of middle schools. lames these days ha! -1-

n ya my n***a im pissin all over ur swagless wanna be style's p rap without even droppin a track. ur a follower, im a leader. remember dat


2010-07-30 16:39:57

Ahaha Swan, thats a funny ass character above me, hes a "leader" not a follower yet who remains on NG and who left? Ses your washed up, anyone whos been ripped by lejin alone has just about 0 future in the music industry alone. Im running a label and making moves, Im performing in front of hundreds, and what are you doing ses? Oh thats right. Blogging about a crew that forgot you existed. Your life is pitiful kid.
Pick Yah Weight Up.
The Academy/Grindhouse


good lookout....also well said


2010-09-14 22:15:20

The wierd looking kid is my favorite rapper! BANG!! KO!

rip rmp